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Dorset builder fined for failure to undertake asbestos survey prior to demolition

Stuart Pearson, a self-employed builder from Verwood, Dorset has been fined for demolishing a building without first carrying out an asbestos survey. He was prosecuted by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at Guildford Magistrates’ Court for breaching the Control of Asbestos Regulations between 20 April and 1 May 2011. The Court heard that Mr. Pearson […]

Read the full article | Published May 02, 2012

Former telecoms Engineer receives mesothelioma compensation

Mesothelioma compensation payment scheme awards Engineer £179,000 A man diagnosed with mesothelioma has been granted mesothelioma compensation after he instructed specialist lawyers to investigate his case. After leaving school, the man started work as an apprentice and then became a telecoms Engineer in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s for a company called Sterdy Telephones. […]

Read the full article | Published Jul 25, 2018

Asbestos on clothes kills mum

Housewife contracted mesothelioma after 40 years of washing husbands overalls A mum and housewife contracted mesothelioma cancer after years of coming into contact with asbestos on clothes her husband wore for work. Adrienne Sweeney’s husband, William, worked as a fitter at a boiler factory for 40 years. Upon her husband’s return from work each day, […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 01, 2018

Hazards of working in asbestos talc mine in 1950s

Larry Evans talks about his time working in asbestos talc mine New York Larry Evans started work at an asbestos talc mine, the Carbola Chemical Company in Natural Bridge, when he left school at the age of sixteen. Carbola Chemical Company mined talc and processed it on a site near the village where he lived, […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 28, 2018

Man fined for asbestos fly tipping

Asbestos fly tipping incident on the Wirral Shaun Anthony Lay, a 30 year old man from the Wirral, has been fined and issued with a community order for asbestos fly tipping. Residents of Thatto Heath witnessed Mr Lay dumping a large quantity of asbestos sheeting on the former Royal British Legion site. They later reported […]

Read the full article | Published Jul 24, 2018

Co-Founder of games company dies of mesothelioma

Co-Founder of games company dies of mesothelioma Co-founder of games company dies of mesothelioma – James Cove, who was one of the co-founders of Gamesman had been battling for 3 years with mesothelioma and has died at the age of 45. Gamesman, who are specialists in gaming machine solutions, known worldwide, released a statement following Mr […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 13, 2017

Licensed asbestos contractor new handover form

New asbestos regulations 2018 As of 15th February 2018, new asbestos regulations have come into force whereby any licensed asbestos removal contractors should complete a new ‘Handover Form’ on completion of the cleaning of an asbestos enclosure or work area. This form should then be given to the asbestos Analyst before they commence work on […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 20, 2018

Asbestos related cancer caused death of former joiner

Widow appeals for help from former workmates of her husband A Keighley man’s widow is appealing to his former workmates to get in touch following the death of her husband from asbestos related cancer. John Bryden died in November 2017 age 73 from mesothelioma cancer. He first developed symptoms such as chest pains and shortness […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 07, 2018

Asbestos dumped near children’s playground by truck driver

Asbestos illegal dumping – truck driver caught dumping asbestos waste at playground Yet another case of asbestos illegal dumping has occurred, this time over in Australia. A truck driver was caught on camera dumping the asbestos waste at a children’s playground. The incident occurred last Thursday evening just before 10pm in St Clair, Sydney. The truck […]

Read the full article | Published May 21, 2018

Asbestos containing materials – Company fined for failure to protect employees

Furniture manufacturer fined for poor condition of asbestos containing materials Aquapac Ltd, a furniture manufacturing company in Glasgow, have been fined by the HSE the sum of £6,000 for their failure to protect their employees from exposure to asbestos containing materials. The HSE inspected the business premises on 6 August 2014, where an inspector raised […]

Read the full article | Published Jun 19, 2018
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